The pink India

This serie comes from my last stay in India. I spend three months there. I was working in an NGO in the purpose of women's empowerment. During my free time, I was shooting mostly in the streets and did several journalistic projects about women. India is full of colors but I was especially impressed by the pink on my pictures. I wanted to highlight this part of India, a country in which people, especially western part, have a lot of misconceptions.

I discovered the ethic of photography during this stay. At the beginning, I wanted to take pictures of everything and every Indian I met. But at a moment, I didn’t wanted to look like a disrespectful tourist who try to capture anything without consent just for his personal interest. So I started to talk with my subjects, ask their names, their work, what they think about their country, what are their feelings. And then, the pictures came better.

In this work, I didn’t wanted to show the India we all imagine but something more poetical and harmonic. As a photographer, it seems to me important to show the reality and not just the misery or people in plight. I was extremely pleased to discover how Indian were kind, generous and welcoming. They were so curious about me and the purpose of my stay. We exchange a lot. Then, I chose the pink color which was for me the most relevant color to represent India.

In my pictures, we can see how whimsical can be India. The way of life of people is really humorous and funny. There is always a solution, nothing is tough. I liked the way, despite the misery, Indian were always happy and thrilled. I literally fell in love with this country, not only through the landscape but through the people.

With this serie, I hope I can show a different gaze on India, this beautiful (pink) mess.